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Her hair caught on the tree limbs, snatching at the loose strands. Some of the hanging vines prodded her arms and stabbed her sides. Her breath hitched, and she missed a step, lurching forward.

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Something inside her tightened. Her arms swayed and her core muscles flexed. Before she face planted, everything balanced out. She blinked. Something controlled her body and it had reflexes far superior to a normal human. Moisture gathered in her eyes, blurring her vision. She blinked it away.

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Panic would only get her caught. Raine glanced at the moon. It had shifted twice—now in front of her, rather than behind. She stilled. The trees rustled with the wind. An owl hooted. Ragged breaths beat hard in her ears. Fear and excitement gave her a burst of energy. Cars meant help.

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She urged her body faster. Street lights peeked through the trees. Air panted out of her chest. A second car honked, speeding past another. She was almost there. So close.

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Thank god. She was going to make it. Slowing down at the edge of a hill, she darted glances around the now quiet street.

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No people milled about or walked around. The sudden quiet made sense now. Nothing good happened this far south of Tempting Eats. It was known as the dead side. The thought alone gave her chills. Women went missing…all the time. That had been enough to keep her uptown in suburbia-peace-nation. She glanced around, searching for anyone who might be waiting for her or even any of the dangerous men her neighbors said roamed the streets, but there was nothing, not a single being.

Her feet hit the pavement in a rush. Once across the street, she hid inside a dark alley. The stench of rotting food and piss coated the air with a thick blanket of disease and chaos. Her throat convulsed, and the acidic taste of bile hit the back of her tongue. Retreating, she took several steps toward the end of the street to a small motel. Its yellow, neon Vacancy sign blinked on and off with a buzz. The sound came from the shadows in front of the motel. Buy Links. As Milly Taiden. Sharp Change — Black Meadow — Book 1.

Caged Heat — Black Meadow — Book 2.

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