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The power of fire is the power of passion, and there is joy to prevent the strength of the fire from overflowing. Some time before the present while Rosso was in the Demon Realm, he had encountered the Red-Demon King Stirbargen , in a twist of events, Rosso won a bet that the two had and was able to obtain the Demon Lord's right eye. He was eventually detained within the tower in Varnimyr. During his imprisonment, experiments were conducted on the El Master while he was tormented and corrupted.

In the wake of the El's return, his powers were released from within the tower, creating a burning aura which destroyed much of the surrounding land as well as caused the spirits to go berserk. When the El Search Party started their approach towards the Crimson Tower, Rosso launched the Remnant of Crimson Calamity from the tower to the location of his long lost weapon, this location just so happened to be where the El Search Party was.

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Rosso's weapon flew off towards the Crimson Tower where is manifested itself into the Crimson Calamity which Rosso used to try and destroy everything around it, the tower included, however the tower had seemed to be designed specifically to protect itself from the monster. At various points while the El Search Party engaged with Rosso's possessions, his memories were able to pass on into Elsword who was able to briefly hear the El Master's past.

Once the El Search Party finally reached the cradle where Rosso was kept, Rosso was able to combine with the power of the Crimson Eye and use the remnant of Stirbargen 's power within it to assume the powerful form of an uncontrollable half-demon. Elsword was able to vaguely communicate with Rosso directly, Elsword called out asking who he was, but Rosso was barely able to muster words that the El Search Party were able to hear.

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Once the El Search Party successfully defeated the berserk El Master, Rosso collapsed, with the demonic powers that surrounded him burning away. Ventus soon appeared on the scene having come to deliver a Wind Spirit Stone to the El Search Party, he tells Elsword that he shouldn't touch Rosso in his current state due to the heat he is emanating. Elsword asks Ventus if he knew the person, which Ventus playfully replied that they were old friends.

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Rosso, having just enough energy to talk told Ventus to shut up and to help him up. View Gallery. Cancello Rosso. Swimming Pool.

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