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In addition to creating the Behavior Boosters series and giving workshops, she taught elementary school, directed church preschool programs, writes preschool and home connection curriculum, and homeschools her own children. Growing up Book Of Psalms. These are covered within the pages of this devotional. But before His Spirit Through Me. Is life a struggle? Do you feel all alone? This book will share your pains This book will share your pains and sorrows and give you encouraging words to get you through each day! Inspirations From Downrange. This book brings a new light to poetry and the spoken word in the context This book brings a new light to poetry and the spoken word in the context of Christian experiences, never neglecting the Cross' message.

It is a wonderful witnessing tool. Killed By Friendly Fire. This book exposes the plot of Satan to make Christians fight each other. Strategies and Strategies and options for gaining the favor of God are explored. Looking Back and Dreaming Forward.

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This book enriches the heart and inspires you to treasure life as it moves you This book enriches the heart and inspires you to treasure life as it moves you from laughter to tears. It's a truly a breath of fresh air in stressful times. One Book One Story. The Bible is books written by 40 authors over a period of 1, yearsOr The Bible is books written by 40 authors over a period of 1, yearsOr is it? Pastor Dave asserts that the Bible is actually a single book that tells a single story. It is God's story of exile and rescue, Oh, I do!

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Eris: Care for some trout? Eris: Because the mackerel wasn't fresh. Mandy: I think we'd all like to forget that phase. Jeffrey the Spider: Hey, Dad. Billy: [frightened] Get away! Billy: Aah! Jeffrey the Spider: Yep, you're going to be a grandpa! Mandy: [on show intro] Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law!

Billy: [whispering] Hey, Irwin, you gots any gum? Pandora: Uh, thanks. That was cool. I like your style. Mandy: My style is that I hate everything, especially new kids. Mandy: [in show intro] No matter how bad it seems, it could get worse. Grim: Billy, de apple wouldn't pick you if you were a booger. Grim: Give me that apple. Don't force me to use my kung fu. I'm on to you! Grim: Man's loneliness is only his fear of life.

Trick or treat! Billy: Ooh, ooh, is it because you're a pumpkin-headed freak? Jack O'Lantern: Yes! And why is that? Billy: Is it 'cause Grim cut your real head off? Jack O'Lantern: Yes. And tonight, I'm going to return the favor. Billy: That's a different story. Sorry, Grim ol' boy, tough break. Grim: That's not funny. Help, police! Mandy: [sourly] Do I look okay? Grim: It's hard to tell; you sort of always look that way. Billy: I blame the economy. Santa Skarr: And what do you want Santa to bring you, Cassie? Cassie: A cool pair of wings so I can fly!

Grim: I wonder how Billy's picnic is going. Billy: [flies by really fast though the air] Hey Grim! Hey Mandy! Grim: That answers one question but raises so many others. Yogi: He's right, Boo-Boo. We bears are terribly afraid of caves. Boo-Boo: Why are we so lame, Yogi? Mandy: Billy ate all your chocolate. Chocolate Sailor: One kid ate ten thousand units? Mandy: Wait, so that's a Chupacabra? Billy: I believe the proper pronounciation is "Chupamaflablah". Librarian: [Mandy is being rude] I will not stand for this! Mandy: [points] There's a chair right over there. Grim: [glances at Rudolpho] So, what are you Rudolpho: I beat the snot out of a guy Rudolpho: Just the sound of it makes me so angry!

Grim: [more desperately] Guard! Rudolpho: Angry! Grim: [as desperate as possible] Guard! Guard: [finally arrives] All right, Reaper, your bail is here. Irwin: [hands a piggy bank to the guard] Here you are, Officer. Irwin: Four dollars and thirty-two cents. Irwin: [sobbing] I was only trying to be helpful!

Guard: Now get out of my jail, out! Irwin: [runs out, sobbing] Sorry, Grim! Guard: I'd like to think I'd make a difference. Irwin: That was wiggety-whack, yo. Mandy: Your mother has a job and is a respected member of the community. Mandy: [Chicken Ball Z] Billy, you look like a nerd. Billy: When I left you, I was but a nerd.

Now I am the master. Mandy: Looks like I'll have to use my full power to fight you, Billy. Billy: Bring it on, baby cakes. Eris: And I got to get jiggy with the chaos. Grim, The Grim Reaper: Everyone wins! Mandy: No, I win. Billy: And I want a snow cone! Mandy: Love is for the weak-minded. Nergal: Oh, come on, what I did to you? Skarr: He's trying to get rid of this weed.

The Wonders of Billy Sniggles by Cathlene Milton

Billy: I'm going outside to relieve some gas mom! Mandy: What now Grim? Billy: Hey, guys! Guess who's going camping! Grim: My name is Grimmy and I've come to reap your immortal soul. Grim: Cerberus is a monster! He didn't just eat my homework; he ate me dad! Gangster: Yo Goodvibe, yo mamma's so hairy bigfoot takes pictures of her! Irwin: Hippo? H-he looks more like a fat cow!

Mandy's Mom: It's not that we don't love Mandy. Mandy's Dad: It's just that we're kinda scared of her. Mandy's Mom: I'm afraid to even make eye contact with her. Mandy: How would you rate Billy as a caregiver? Billy: I'll jab you good, you filthy bug! Billy: I want you to be dead!

Fred Fredburger: Judge? Judge Roy Spleen: No, shut up. Judge Roy Spleen: Shut up. Judge Roy Spleen: I order you to shut up! Fred Fredburger: Hey, can I borrow yours for a minute, oh thank you! Judge Roy Spleen: Give me that! Fred Fredburger: But, I wasn't finished! Billy's Mom: Oh, my stars and garters! What happened in here?

Billy: Grim conjured up this Fred Fredburger: Hey, who's that lady? Billy: That's my momma. Fred Fredburger: Does she make cookies? Billy's Mom: Sometimes. Billy: Oooooookaaay. Fred Fredburger: I got to make a poo poo! Fred Fredburger: Don't worry, I found some nachos! Mandy: Grim's the chocolate in my eclair. Billy: Grim is the freshener in my air! Mandy: Grim's the conditioner in my hair. Mandy: Grim is the cushion in my chair.

Billy: Grim is the renaissance in my fair! Mandy: Grim is the anger in my stare. Billy: Grim is the stain in my underwear! Mandy: Somehow I knew you were gonna go there. Mandy: Objection! He's leading the witness! Billy: I had a good reason!

He bored me! Fred Fredburger: [viewing a flashback] Hey, who's that man? Billy: That's my dad. Fred Fredburger: Ah, you look like him! Mandy: So, we were thinking of setting you free. Grim: Really? Billy: Yeah.


The Wonders of Billy Sniggles

All you gotta do is say you're a little girl. Grim: I'm Mandy: I'm not sure I bought it. Billy: Yeah! Mandy: Grim? Grim: Let's brush my hair! And paint my toes! Mandy: You can stop. We were only kidding. Skarr: Not at all. Don't miss it. Billy: Shhhh Billy: You got a curtain? Billy: [meeting the Grim Reaper] It's Santa! Santa Claus! Mandy: That's not Santa Claus, you stooge! You brought presents for Mr.

Grim: No I'm taking him away. Billy: To the North Pole? Mandy: Whatever you do, don't look behind you. Mandy: [in the intro] Whatever you do, don't look behind you. Billy: Look!