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Six stars for Chromecast support. The Tai Lopez podcast brings you the best business education straight from the world's top entrepreneurs. I will also review the best books in health, wealth, love and happiness that will help you achieve your maximum potential and live the best life possible. Scott Voelker from The Amazing Seller podcast will be sharing Amazon FBA and eCommerce marketing strategies from his own experience, case studies and interviewing the experts. Discover how you can apply and use these techniques to create a business that will allow you to do what you love, weather it's traveling more or spending time with your family.

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Creative Warriors is a podcast and community for entrepreneurs, out-of-box thinkers, innovators and ambitious individuals that need creative solutions in business. Just hidden inside. Leaving the relative safety of home to start school was a revelation.

Faster, further and stronger was often determined over a schoolyard fight, how far you could throw or a kicking competition. Learning to count to 10 was the first metric. Then it was how well you could spell. This was success at seven. Mum and dad were provided with your ranking in the latest test sent home in the yellow envelope. So we stumbled and groped our way through a myriad of emotions and situations. But then it got more serious. Graduation loomed and career choices were starting to be confronted.

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We boarded the train and headed towards a career and a college. But a step had to be made and decision was required. One year in and accounting was looking like a serious mistake. Teaching was the new career choice. It was small junior college and in general it was fine but as the years rolled by there was no passionate desire to become a headmaster or even a deputy. The choice of leaping into the tech industry was working and the money was great.

But sometimes you need to be careful of what you wish for. The cubicle where you show up every day and the treadmill of countless meetings was looking more like a prison. I started making a ton of money but I was screaming inside. My big six figure paycheck looked in danger. We all think we can do it better when looking from the inside. It was short nasty business divorce that forced me to step out on my own.

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Time to be a real grownup. Sometimes hyper growth is sometimes seen as a measure of success. But as we ran out of capital it imploded. It was all about sales and revenue.

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But I now knew that independence was something that felt like success for me despite the pain of a failure. Then the social web emerged and that intersection of technology and humanity resonated. My experience, innate ability and expertise had found a home I just needed to make the first steps. I started writing and creating on the social web and shared it. It was my passionate purpose and I had stumbled onto it. In life we need to keep searching. Despite the setbacks, challenges and failures you will find it if you make the time and the effort.

For me freedom is the real metric. Freedom to do what you want when you want. To spend it with family. To travel. To learn and grow. To have the time to spend creating the art you are meant to be sharing with the world.